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• Unmatched workmanship

• Over 40 years' experience in doll restorations

• Insurance work undertaken

• Offering a complete range of doll repairs

• Seen on TV and in the National Press

• Prestigious clients from all over the world including professional

 dealers, collectors and doll owners

Whether you need a part doll replacement or complete body work restoration to original condition, get in touch with our doll specialists today for immaculate antique doll restorations.

Get friendly and expert advice on renovation needs for your treasured doll.

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Want to breathe new life into your antique doll? Let Bath Dolls Hospital provide superb antique doll restoration and conversion services at reasonable prices.


From re-stringing of antique and modern dolls to replacing and restoring voice boxes, our experienced and qualified doll restorers take the utmost care of your collectors' items. For complete repair and restoration of your doll collection, contact our talented doll restoration experts today!

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