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Comprehensive doll repair solutions

A wide variety of doll restoration services

• Body work to original condition

• Broken bisque and composition heads restored from 2/3 of the original

• Colouring finishes as per original varnishes

• Replacement hands, feet, fingers, toes

• Artificial ageing of finishes to match original

• Glass eye bars repaired - manufactured if missing or to pattern

• Voice boxes restored or replaced

• Eyes matched and replaced

• Heads or limbs restored

• Handmade wigs replaced

• Re-strings of antique and modern dolls

• Finishing touches - eyelashes, teeth, quivering tongues

Need pristine doll repairs in Warminster? Contact Bath Dolls Hospital and take a look at some of our recent doll work.

We can help you with the restoration of a childhood doll that you have strong sentimental attachment for!

Warminster's specialist antique doll restorer

At Bath Dolls Hospital, our restoration specialists have the expertise to repair and restore your beloved doll to its original splendour. Bath Dolls Hospital offers outstanding craftsmanship on all aspects of antique doll restoration and repair. We can also undertake insurance work, and manufacture missing parts which have been lost or damaged over the years.


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